Matt Reviews Le Rêve Patisserie & Café

Yesterday Steph and I took a break from errands to have lunch at Le Rêve Patisserie & Café in Tosa Village (at a discount, shoutout to City Tins).  This was my second time at the French café, and I was equally impressed this time, if not more so.  Having never been to France, I can only assume that Le Rêve is utterly authentic, with its sky-high ceilings and bistro-style seating.  The restaurant is warm and inviting, with a balanced mix of adorable and ornate.

Steph and I chose two vegetarian items and split them.  Steph selected the Champignon de Truffe ($9.95), described in the menu as “truffle roasted portobello, boursin cheese, arugula, oven dried tomato, on a soft bun,” served with pommes frites. The sandwich was delicious.  The mushrooms were warm and tasty with just a hint of truffle, but the star of the dish were the tomatoes, which were thickly sliced and boldly flavored.  The boursin cheese melted into the other ingredients and brought everything together, and everything was topped with a handful of fresh, crisp greens, offering a bit of texture.

I selected Légumes Printaniers ($10.50) from the crêpes menu, described as “wild mushroom and chevre, roasted butternut squash, haricots verts, hazelnuts, and thyme beurre blanc.”  The dish was literally sublime.  The crêpe itself was cooked a little more than most that I’ve seen before, giving it a browned and nutty flavor.  The crepe was filled with incredibly fresh and delicate mushrooms, mixed with delicious creamy goat cheese.  The remaining ingredients were on top of the crêpe rather than inside of it.  The haricot verts were flavorful and still quite crunchy, but the butternut squash was what really made the dish.  The squash was topped with the delicious beurre blanc, delivering amazing flavor, salt, and a unique textural element.  The chopped toasted hazelnuts sprinkled on top brought not only crunch, but a surprising amount of flavor.  The various elements were distinct, yet complimented each other beautifully, making for an incredibly rich and delectable dish.

The City Tins discount that we were using required us to spend a minimum of $25, so we were unfortunately forced to take advantage of the beautiful and seductive dessert case.  Each time that I have been to Le Rêve, it has taken me more time to select a dessert than an entree; it simply seems sinful to not try every offering.  Ultimately we decided to split a pastry which unfortunately I recorded neither the name or the description of (Steph tells me it was something like an Opera Tart), though I did snap a quick photo when no one was looking.  I do know that it involved espresso soaked pastry and a butter cream mousse, and that it was just amazing.  I definitely was not still hungry after our delicious lunch offerings, but I still could not stop myself form devouring the dessert, which was a flavorful and textural thing of beauty.

I know that Le Rêve offers both breakfast and dinner menus as well, though I have only been there for lunch.  I noticed signs that they are also introducing a new French Tapas menu, which looks wonderful.  Whatever time of day you decide to visit, I definitely recommend checking out this gem.  Whether you go there for the food, the desserts, or just for the opportunity to escape Milwaukee for an hour and pretend to be dining in old world Paris, this particular restaurant is a treat!


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