Matt Reviews Gotham Bagels (Madison)

Looking for a place to eat breakfast on the morning of my second day at the Wisconsin Film Fest, I needed to look no further than a bagel shop with a Batman-themed name.

Conveniently located just a couple blocks from the capitol building, Gotham Bagels prides itself on authentic, hand-rolled, New York-style bagels.  Looking for something healthy yet substantial, I ordered the “V” breakfast sandwich ($4.75), described as “scallion tofu, roasted poblano peppers, tomato, arugula, and avocado on a bagel.”  I ordered it on my usual bagel of choice, the everything,
only to be told that they were all out of everything bagels.  Just as I thought my dreams had been crushed, the cashier informed me that they did, however, have “Super Egg Everything” bagels.  When I asked what that was, I was told that it was an egg bagel, with all the toppings, PLUS toppings inside the bagel.  So simple, but brilliant, and it was the first I’d seen it.  Enthusiasm restored, I ordered the V on a Super Egg Everything and took a seat.
The bagel came out right away, and was served up with a side of two fresh bagel chips.  (Again, such an obvious thing to do, but I’ve never seen it before!).  The bagel was chewy, but not puffy, just the way I like them.  As for the toppings, I assume that I lost several readers with the words “scallion tofu” where “cream cheese” should rightfully be.  I was skeptical too, but let me tell you, this cream cheese lover was sold.  It was deliciously creamy, somehow cheesy, and I doubt I would have ever noticed had I not known that it wasn’t cream cheese.  And if it’s a little healthier for me, I’ll take it.

The roasted poblanos are another ingredient that you don’t often see at your average bagel shop, but they were delicious, adding just the right amount of heat to wake you up in the morning.  The avocado was mashed guac-style, which is preferable in my opinion, and the veggies added a nice freshness.  All-in-all, one of the better bagel sandwiches I can recall.

It’s so easy for restaurants to fall back on old standbys with things like bagels, and I love when places like this actually make the extra effort to innovate and go above and beyond the everyday choices.  Plus this was a welcome change, as I’m often lamenting the lack of decent bagels in Milwaukee (my current favorite is Benji’s, but if you know any other hidden gems, please let me know).  Definitely check this place out if you’re looking for a great bagel sandwich in downtown Madison, I know I’ll be back the next time I’m there.


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