Downtown Dining Week 2012: The Vegetarian Menus

The restaurants and menus for Downtown Dining Week 2012 were released today.  For the uninitiated, Downtown Dining Week is when over forty downtown Milwaukee restaurants offer three-course prix fixe lunch and dinner menus at a deeply reduced rate ($10 for lunch and $20 or $30 for dinner).  It’s a fantastic way to try out some new restaurants, especially the ones that might be out of your price range ordinarily.

For me, it’s always a laborious process of going through every menu, looking for the restaurants that were thoughtful enough to include vegetarian options (FYI, Downtown Dining Week has a blanket “no changes, no substitutions” policy).  Because I like saving you time, I’ve compiled that list here, just in case there are any other Milwaukee vegetarians in a similar situation.

Enjoy, and happy dining!

NOTE: I’m just going off of the descriptions available on the menus.  I take no responsibility if the dish contains some non-vegetarian item not listed on the menu.

**Possibly vegan

Bistro 333 (lunch) (dinner)

Catch 22 (lunch) (dinner)

Club Charlies (lunch) liquid lunch option

Coquette Cafe (lunch) (dinner)

Distil (dinner)

Joey Buona’s Restaurant (lunch) (dinner)

Kil@wat (lunch) (dinner)

The Knick (lunch) (dinner)

Louise’s (lunch) assuming the soup and/or salad is veggie (dinner)

Metro (lunch)

Mi•key’s (dinner)

Palms Bistro & Bar (dinner**)

Port of Call Bistro & Beer Garden (lunch) (dinner)

Rock Bottom Brewery (lunch)

Rumpus Room (lunch) (dinner) depending on Daily Chef’s Pasta

Ryan Bruan’s Graffito (lunch) depending on Daily Soup (dinner)

Swig (lunch) (dinner)

Third Ward Caffe (lunch**)

Tulip (lunch**) (dinner**)

Umami Moto (dinner**)

Zarletti (lunch) (dinner)

Where will you be eating?  Let me know in the comments.


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